Sunday, April 15, 2012

Boss Of Nintendo Like Angry Bird Games

Angry game bird that is currently favored globally was also enumerated by Bos from Nintendo Shigeru Miyamoto, he often played this game, even he is also one big fan of the game Angry Bird, Miyamoto interested in this game because this game is made from a simple idea, but that's where the main attraction of the game angry bird, and he was hoping to find ideas like angry bird first game in the past, but I think Miyamoto is still a great person, because he also can make a game that is now known through out in the world, such as Zelda and Super Mario, ready does not know the game?
And now the game is already in the angry bird download up to close to 1 billion downloads, never know with the news of this, Nintendo will work with the Rovio to include this game in the list of games on the nintendo.

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