Saturday, July 16, 2011

Super Potato Game Shop Akihabara

        Perhaps you are born in the 90's down ever know or experience playing the Nintendo game console but the classic Nintendo, if you do not know please just search on google, there are so many kinds of different types of Nintendo over the years growing up on Nintendo until now Wii.
Now they rarely know where the stores that sell game consoles,sodium absorption ratio may even be sold in your country and the other classic Nintendo, but in Japan there are still a sell, no one ever knew the place where?
The answer at Super Potato Game Shop.
Maybe there has ever been there? 

To be honest I have not been there, but according to the information and images that I saw there looked still sold all kinds of gaming consoles from Nintendo's Nintendo Entertainment System, or commonly called the NES tothe Nintendo game console after the NES, but I also do not know the details there nintedo selling new gaming console or do not, like Nintendo Wii, NDS, or 3DS, there is little information for those who want to try to visit the Super Potato game Shops, I happened to find the map on goolge and it was met.  

And this is a Foto in Super Potato Game Shop

And this is a video Super Potato Game Shop

If you will go to the Super Potato site Click here

Just share and good luck!

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