Friday, July 22, 2011

Nintendo From Time To Time

Here is a nintendo gaming console from time to time, a little look back at the first Nintendo era to the modern

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

This is a Nintendo gaming console as a pioneer of the first widely known society, this console to play NES games are practically the size is still small and light, but in the NES games are still many games that I play for example, Kamen no ninja Hanamaru.
Super Nintendo (SNES)
This is Nintendo's next generation, here in terms of game graphics is getting a good picture, and according to my observations in this era of SNES games popping up a lot of RPG games.

Nintendo Virtual Boy

This is a little handheld game console to play games uniquebecause we are using the screens are used as a fatherly glasses to see the game we're playing, quite interesting and exciting.

Nintendo 64 (N64)
In the era of nintendo 64 graphics growing and increasingly obvious, because it was somewhat animated 3D, an example game that I enjoy doing in the nintendo 64 this is The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, because here the game reach a wider and we can enjoy the beautiful scenery in Kokiri Forest and the royal court Hyrule.Tapi unfortunately lost with the Nintendo 64 console games from the Playstation era.
Nintendo Gamecube (NGC)
Inside the Nintendo Gamecube are already using 3D graphics, so the picture became clear, but his playing also a lot size of 1 GB and over, the game console can also be used for more than two players, is well suited to play with one family.
Nintendo Dual Screen (NDS)
Here it is console gaming is now a lot of demand because the NDS is a handheld game console nintendo output that is packed with good, the game also uses 3D graphics, but I think rather than playing a computer using an emulator do, more fun played with a direct NDS, but the price is too expensive .
Nintendo Wii
This is a Nintendo console in the current era, many of the game using hand gestures as if our own players and that was an adventure in the game, especially if we use the Wii motion or Kinect, will feel more real because of all of our movement will be followed by a game character being played, I think the console is useful for exercising while relaxing at home.

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