Saturday, July 2, 2011

How To Play NES In Java Phones?

This time I will discuss about how to play Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in java, if you do not have a console but want to play NES games, of course you are confused right? because in this era of growing NES has rarely circulated because it was considered outdated, but in my own NES although outdated, but the game is still a lot that I can not finish because of the difficulty level is also more difficult in my opinion, especially the adventure game genre .
In this modern era of cell phones to feature java phones is not a luxury, certainly many people who can enjoy having a mobile java phones
So for you fans of Nintendo and want to play NES games but have not had any direct console Download Nescube, the emulator for the Nintendo classic that is packaged in a JAR format, so you can install and use to run NES games you want to play
But here I discuss is Nescube 2.3, because I think 2.3 is pretty good Nescube performance, and recently also some talk about Nescube 3.0, so we'll wait, hopefully more sophisticated than previous performance

please download



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