Monday, June 27, 2011

How To Make A Nintendo DS Game without C++?

Recently I was blogging to multiple sites fatherly looking for a program, and accidentally I found a site that talks about making his own DS game with the software available, but because I do not know much about programming so just read it and download the application, perhaps for you who like the game world but do not understand about the language C + + and so on, do not worry, it seems the software provided here is for people who are not proficient with programming in C + +, there is no harm in trying.
If you are curious please direct to the site
To download the software click here
For how to use click here

But the software is free it seems there are still shortcomings in what is informed by its site, and if you want to get a pro applicationmust buy from the site.

Just share and good luck!

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