Monday, May 2, 2011

The Legend Of Zelda : Ocarina Of Time

This time I will discuss about the zelda ocraina of times, this is an old game from the Nintendo 64
For those of you who are fans of The legend of zelda the nintendo classic is definitely not hesitate to carry out missions in the
this game, because the concept of this game sma but packed with interesting sangant 3D view, according to my own this game really
membuntuhkan thinking to solve all the puzzles are there, perhaps for those who do not really like the puzzle game mixed with adventure will feel bored by repeatedly sought answers to the unsolved, but for those who have normal or even enjoyed a game like that would feel challenged by all the puzzle that is

Please download if you are interested

and this emulator you can use based on choice and selection that I have done, and for me this time is most suitable Project64 emulator to run all Nintendo 64 games, good luck....


Just share and good luck!!!!!!!

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