Monday, April 4, 2011

Nintendo Emulator

If you are a fan of Nintendo, any form of nintendo ranging from classic Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Nintendo DS, and Nintendo Wii, you certainly are familiar with applications that use emulators to play Nintendo games that you enjoy doing on the computer. Here is an emulator, you can use either the Windows or OS like linux

Classic Nintendo:
You can use Fceu  to windows operating system                                                Download
To Linux you can use  Fceu                                                                               Download

Nintendo 64:

You can use  Project 64  to windows and maybe it is my favourite emulator to play   Download

To linux you can use Mupen 64, but for my own  mupen 64 still a little confused how configuration control
Nintendo DS :
To windows you can use Desmume        Download 

For Linux also provided special Desmume to linux and that I use in my ubuntu linux, and if you are a user of ubuntu, meets these demands and do not bother looking for the emulator to the Internet, simply open and install direct in ubuntu software center    Download

Nintendo Wii:
Perhaps of all types of nintendo, wii most popular today because packaging the game also better with graphs which is equivalent to the Playstation.

Nintendo Wii emulator for windows can use Dolphin    Download

Nintendo Wii emulator for linux  can use                        Download

Just share , and good luck!!!!!!!


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